Jebase - An easy way to store settings or small databases

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First things - first

npm i jebase


const { Jebase } = require('jebase')
const db = new Jebase("somewhweretostore.json", {
	accounts: [],
	something: true

What does this code do?

  1. Includes Jebase
  2. Loads the database from somewheretostore.json, or if the file does not exist, creates it with these contents:
	"accounts": [],
	"something": true
  1. Done!

Interacting with data

When you load a database, it is stored inside object, so you can manipulate it, like it’s a regular JavaScript object."")
if ( {
		console.log("Something is enabled")

If you have changed something in the database and want to save it, just call db.write();!


new Jebase(file, defaults)

Returns db

Loads a database file

  • file - relative or absolute path to JSON file
  • defaults - what to write to the database if the file does not exist

Returns object DB contents


Returns void Writes JSON data to disk